Parkland Spring Water

Five years ago, the annual net income for Parkland Spring Water was $168 million. Through a customer referal, the management consulted Synergy. After several researches and investigations, the financial likage and mismanagement hole was identified. Two months of critical investigation led to a triple of its net income. Parkland Spring Water is now a leading packed water producer in the… Read More

Bure Global Investments

With more than dozens of sister companies invested randomly around the globe, Bire Global Investments was almost gave up in managing the geographically scattered businesses. The board of directors had passed disolutions to close some of the companies and major lending banks almost declared buncrupcy. Misplaced professionals, unnecessary expenses, inappropriate locations and misued stocks were identified to be the key… Read More

Bango Logistics Inc

When starting its operation, Bango Logistics Inc had acquired the best hands in the market. After a certain period of time, employees start leaving the company to start their own business. While it was good to see employees working on their own business, Bango was left vacant in its critical positions. New employees had less experience related to its specific… Read More